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1225Vibration Analyser
1225Vibration Analyser
Machine health monitoring
Route inspections
Field service

The VSA-1225 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer is the Windows Mobile® Pocket PC version of Datastick's high-performance vibration analyzer / data collector.

The VSA-1225 hardware module attaches to a powerful HP iPAQ hx2400-series handheld computer and has a standard BNC connector and low-noise input that accommodates and powers almost any ICP®-type piezoelectric accelerometer. The VSA-1225 includes Datastick Spectrum and Datastick Review handheld software and Datastick Reporting System™ PC software.

The VSA-1225 records and displays vibration FFT spectra in acceleration, velocity, and displacement, as well as acceleration waveforms. It also records and displays overall vibration with color-coded ISO (or custom) alert levels. For a full description of the display capabilities, see the description of Datastick Spectrum and Datastick Review handheld software.

You Control the Power
The VSA-1225 hardware module contains its own rechargeable Li-Ion battery and advanced power management capabilities that put you in full control of sensor power — allowing you to determine the exact amount of power output to the sensor. You can easily go all day on a single charge.

An optional 4800 mA/h rechargeable external battery pack is available if you need more power, and it gives you the added benefit of powering BOTH the VSA-1225 module and the iPAQ hx2400-series handheld computer. For more information, please see the full description of the VSA-1225 module.

Extremely Low Noise
VSA-1225 does exceptionally well at finding low-level, low-frequency peaks. A typical noise floor at 4 Hz on a velocity spectrum made with an accelerometer is 0.0013 inches per second in the 2 g input range. If you need even lower noise, the VSA-1225 accepts ICP-type velocity sensors as well as accelerometers. For more information, please see the full description of the VSA-1225 module.

Sharp Color Display and 128 MB Internal Storage
The HP iPAQ hx2400-series Pocket PC has a bright, razor-sharp 240 x 320 pixel screen and 128 MB of internal memory.

Virtually Unlimited Storage Expansion
The VSA-1225 provides virtually unlimited, extremely secure storage capacity. In addition to the iPAQ hx2400-series Pocket PC's 128 MB of nonvolatile memory — which will hold up to 3000 spectra or waveforms — the VSA-1225 also lets you record data directly to a Secure Digital (SD) memory card, which you can insert into the handheld computer. The VSA-1225 supports SD cards of up to 2 GB capacity, and you can use as many cards as you like — you'll never run out of space.

At the end of the day, simply insert the SD card into a card reader on your PC to export the handheld data directly to your PC. With another couple of mouse-clicks, your data is imported into Datastick Reporting System software on the PC for analysis, trending, reporting, and archiving.

Compact size, high performance, and the simple operation of the Datastick Spectrum software make the VSA-1225 an excellent vibration analyzer / data collector for route-based inspections and demanding troubleshooting and field service applications.

Rugged Enclosure Option
For added protection from rough handling and the environment, the optional RC-4 Rugged Enclosure provides a splash-resistant, dustproof, impact-resistant shell that still allows access to the touch-screen controls for full operation.

Key Features
Uses and powers standard ICP-type piezoelectric accelerometers
Attaches to high-performance HP iPAQ hx2400-series and iPAQ hx2700-series handheld computers
Includes Datastick Spectrum handheld software and Datastick Reporting System PC software for analysis and trending
Provides vibration waveforms and FFTs, as well as overall vibration with color-coded ISO (or custom) alert levels
Extremely low noise floor
iPAQ hx2495 handheld stores up to 3000 individual signal captures, and SD memory cards provide virtually unlimited storage
Self-powered or optional external power
Weighs 10.5 oz with iPAQ hx2495 handheld computer

Key Specifications
Also see Datastick Spectrum software specifications

Sensor input: Standard BNC connector
Sensor excitation: Switchable on / off with selectable voltage and current: 5, 12, 18, or 24VDC, and 2, 5, 10, 20, or 24 mA
Sensor types: ICP® -type piezoelectric accelerometers and ICP-type piezoelectric velocity sensors
Sensor input ranges: 0-1 g, 0-2 g, 0-5 g, 0-10 g, 0-20 g, or 0-50 g
Antialiasing filter: 10th order hardware low-pass
A-to-D resolution: 12 bits
Dynamic range : 130 dB overall, 65 db per input range
A-to-D internal sample rate: 40 KHz max
Frequency range: 50 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 500 / 800 / 1K / 2K / 4K / 5K / 10K Hz / 20K Hz selectable
FFT resolution: 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 lines, selectable
Supported handhelds: HP iPAQ hx2400-series and iPAQ hx2700-series
Data storage: 128 MB internal storage available on the iPAQ hx2495 handheld, with support for an unlimited number of SD flash memory memory cards with up to 2 GB capacity each
Power: Internal rechargeable 800 mA/h Li-ion battery (Optional external 4800 mA/h 5 V rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and external 120/240 VAC to 5 VDC, 1 A regulated wall transformer are available)
Dimensions and weight with iPAQ hx2495 handheld computer: Approx. 5.75 x 3.125 x 1.875 inches (146 x 79 x 48 mm); 10.5 ounces (300 g)
Included in the VSA-1225 Basic Package: VSA-1225 hardware module, 128 MB Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card for memory expansion on the handheld computer, Datastick Spectrum software for Palm OS handhelds, Datastick Manager software for Palm OS handhelds, Datastick Review software for Palm OS handhelds, Datastick Reporting System software for Windows® PCs, Documentation and five QuickStart instructional videos
PC system requirements: Microsoft® Windows XP or Windows Vista, and Microsoft Office® 2003 or 2007 or Microsoft Excel® 2003 or 2007."

Annular Ring Cells
Annular Ring Cells
Standard and custom capacities are available. Where possible we will manufacture to suit your application. Standard sizes are available with capacities from 5t – 100t. These Load Cells may require special installation. Contact us with details of your project so that we can assess their suitability for the application.

See our Drawing Section for physical details on the standard designs.."

Annular Rings
Annular Rings
Standard designs are shown in the attached drawings with capacities from 5t - 100t. These Load Cells require special installation. Contact us with your project so that we can assess their suitability for the application.

Anti-Vibration Table
Anti-Vibration Table
The Adam Equipment Anti-Vibration Table is designed for use in the laboratory or metrology room to provide suitable working conditions for devices that are sensitive to vibrations and shocks.

Large working surface of 400mm x 450mm
Ergonomic Styling for user comfort
Rugged construction for durability
Easy to assemble
Adjustable levelling feet to take care of un-even floor
New mild steel tubular frame for light weight
Scratch-proof top slab to avoid surface damage
Polished marble finish"

MicroStrain® products are used in many industry applications. Key markets are aerospace, military, automotive, civil engineering, manufacturing, biomechanics, & robotics.

Here are examples of how are products are used."

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